U Market Services


This service is modeled after an inventory replenishment method commonly used in health care. U Market Services partnered with Facilities Management in 2007 to develop a more efficient way to maintain stock of cleaning supplies in FM custodial closets. In this process, U Market Services visits each closet on an arranged schedule, and takes an inventory of materials needed to fully stock that location. Orders are determined right in the closet, and are transmitted wirelessly to a fulfillment system. The items are picked and packed the same day, and delivered and stocked by U Market Services the next business day. The program allows the custodial staff to focus on their core mission of cleaning and maintaining, while U Market Services focuses on the supply process.

This concept has been implemented in over 360 locations on the Twin Cities campuses and has been used to replenish office supplies, electrical lamps, and gas cylinders in addition to custodial products. The Par Level project won the Innovation Award in the 2008 and was recognized in the State of the University address that year by then President Bruininks.