U Market Services

BDD Central Logistics Pilot

U Market Services is expanding shipment consolidation for the Twin Cities campus to include more suppliers and carriers. This effort is an important part of the Strategic Sourcing Initiative and the campus-wide commitment to operational excellence.

What is the BDD Fed Ex pilot?
Building on the success of the UPS pilot, U Market Services will begin delivering all FedEx packages within the BDD (Biomedical Discovery District) on December 1, 2014.

The purpose of the Central Logistics pilot at BDD is to develop processes in a specific area of campus and work out issues before considering expansion. With a primary goal to support research and teaching, U Market Services will focus on implementing these changes with as little impact as possible to the departments carrying out this important work.

Why are we centralizing logistics?
Eliminating redundant delivery activity will reduce work interruptions for staff, decrease traffic on campus, increase safety, reduce emissions, and reduce congestion. This program will contribute to other recent efforts to improve security by reducing the number of non-University staff, while increasing the presence of U Market Services staff, in campus buildings.

If you have further questions
Please see the FAQ for more details about this pilot.